Like Minds            

With the way I write, it can be easy to assume that Think Gate is but one person, that little old me with my egotistical view of my own brain is running the show. But in fact, there is a group of about fifteen of us who collectively work together for our website and blog. This particular blog is written in first person, as this is my own personal one. The idea for Think Gate came when a group of us were sitting around and talking about how University used to be back in the days of the ancient Greeks. Where you would have to travel thousands of miles to get to this one place that was the house of intellect. Once there, the information contained within would be shared freely.

None of this modern day University garbage that requires you spend thousands of dollars on information you don’t even really need to get a job that you probably won’t like. Yes, this is my own personal viewpoint on it, but I remember the days when you went to school to learn, not just to get yourself a good job. Of course, any job requires an amount of learning, but it was never the sole reason behind going to learn something. This may as well be a point of debate for others, and if you have a viewpoint that sees the issue from an angle I don’t, I more than welcome the challenge to my viewpoint on it.

What we set to create though, was an environment that was akin to those old school days, where you could have a location that was a collection of information and the ability to tap into it when you wished. To learn for the sake of learning, and to open your eyes and mind to new things. This has created a little hub of learning that we are quite proud of. Where those who are interested in learning can come, and share, and receive all at the same time. Our website has turned into an impromptu gathering space for those looking for something new and interesting in their lives, and we are glad to be a part of that. Personally, I feel it is a great venture to be able to have a space that documents all of the conversations past, the little tidbits of information that fly around can be hard to keep track of, and I often find myself rereading chat threads from months ago and still being surprised by something shared that I had missed.

It’s this type of ambition that got us started with the idea in the first place, and it’s something that we enjoy maintaining for hundreds of users to enjoy as well. No matter the topic, from household appliances to the latest political leanings, we can always find something to talk about, and always learn something in the process. Even if some of the conversations devolve into all caps online shouting matches, it’s still enjoyable to follow.

Our Philosophy

Have you ever stopped and thought? Not about anything in particular, just stopped, and thought. This is one of the hallmarks of philosophy, to just take the time to think something through, and it doesn’t have to be some world changing thought, it can be about some of the simplest things that normally don’t cross peoples minds. Like, if there was no toothpaste in the Neanderthal times, did people clean their teeth at all? Will knowing the answer to this effect your day to day life in the least? No, but taking the time to work out your brain like you do any other muscle in your body will allow you to remain sharp and strong. Getting near and n proximity to other thinkers, to have arguments about things, these are the things that keep you sharp, and allow you to handle a situation when your brain is involved.

This is one of the reasons in which I created this blog spot, this is an opportunity for me to simply spread my own thoughts, and perhaps see if there is anyone else out there who enjoys the process as much as I do. I’m sure that of course there is, but it’s a matter of being able to tap into those other people, and to share thoughts across the distance in order to be able to better ourselves as individuals. Of course there are conflicting thoughts. There are those out there who don’t agree with my thoughts, who may have completely differing opinions on thoughts that I have. But without leaving yourself open to a cross theory, then you find yourself only believing, only thinking in one way, which makes our brains essentially useless.

I believe that like any other muscle in the body, the brain is one that needs to be tested, needs to be pushed beyond it’s comfortable boundaries into areas that we’re not comfortable or familiar with, in order to truly grow. As anyone who lifts weights can attest, if you simply keep doing the same five pound dumbbell over and over, your muscles won’t grow. It’s by straining them, and putting them under various amounts of pressure that you will yield results. So I find myself talking about all sorts of topics, even those I only have a vague understanding of. In order to truly put myself into a different frame of mind, and one that forces me to challenge myself and any preconceptions I may have.

Whether that’s a discussion on politics, religion or any other contentious debate, you will find me in the thick of it, wielding my brain like a broadsword and trying to stay in the fight. Even if that broadsword turns out to be a pocketknife sometimes. I have had discussions with those who’s mental faculties I could never hope to attain, yet paying attention and learning from them was the only way I had managed to grow myself. So if you want to think, if you like to think, then feel free to stay tuned.

The Platform For Thinkers